Organizing your photos.

The easiest tool to organize your photos by editing metadata and by managing the location of your photos on your harddisk.
Create great slideshows, based upon that metadata which can be showed with photoviewer.

Nederlandse site
Nederlandse site.

Here you can download the latest version of photo organizer and photo viewer as one zip file. Just put it in any writable folder on your windows pc and unpack it there. It will unpack itself and put these 6 files in that folder:

Photo_organizer.exeThe program itself with which you can organize your collection of jpg photos.
Photo_viewer.exeThe viewer which can be used to show images in a folder (or a slideshow as created by photo_organizer in a csv file). However, this program is not limited to jpg files. It can also show a number of other photo formats. And it is freeware. Use it as you like. But let me know if you like it. This program is only a 'viewer' it will never write to or change any image or photo, so it is always safe to use.
photo_version_info.txt   A simple textfile in which a history of changes is written.
jpegtran.exeFreeware commandline tool which is used by photo_organizer for lossless rotating and cropping of images. For more info on this program, go to http://jpegclub.org/jpegtran/
exifiron.exeFreeware commandline tool which is used by photoorganizer after using jpegtran.exe for optimising the photo and for correcting the thumbnail and the orientation tag. For more info on exifiron, go to http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/sci/graphics/packages/photomolo/photomolo.html
exifiron.txtTextfile in which the commands, available for exifiron.exe, are explained.

After unpacking the zip, simply click on photo_organizer.exe and follow the instructions in the settings screen which will be automatically opened when you use the program for the first time.

Disclaimer: The use of this program is entirely on your own risk. I will never be responsible for any damage whatsoever which might be a result of using this program.
Photo_organizer is capable of organizing all of the jpg files on an entire computer by moving and copying them around and deleting the photos you don't want anymore. However, this also means that by making errors or by misinterpreting the instructions, you might lose your photos unintentionally. Always make sure you read and have understood the instructions so you know what you have told the program to do. And make sure you always have a backup for all of your photos.

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